It looks like James Bond has messed up all of my travel plans.

I had a normal day yesterday, quite a hilly ride, I climbed more in the first half of the ride than I did in all of the previous day.

yesterday's ride

yesterday's ride.2

yesterday's ride.3

I got to the campsite and set up for the night, it was in quite a nice spot but I was so tired from the two days of cycling that I just crashed in the evening.

This morning I got up, packed up and set off around 11 to start heading towards the ferry. I got about 5km away from the ferry when it started raining (of course). Luckily there was somewhere out of the rain to sit and wait and then the ferry had a lounge.

After the ferry I had about 10km to go before I got to Kristiansund, it's a really weird place where four islands opposite eachtoher are the city. It means it's difficult to get around as it's all very hilly and things are far away from each other. I stayed for lunch and had a burger then started planning what to do for the day.


I had to get a bus to get past the 6km long Atlantic tunnel which I'm not allowed through and there wasn't really a detour. So I went to the bus terminal and found what one I needed to get to and realised it went straight to where my campsite was! It cut out about 15km of the cycling but I was so tired and achey I thought it was with it.

I talked to someone at the bus terminal about my plan when she said “you do know the Atlantic way is closed right?”. I did not.

As it turns out the next bond film is being shot here, I'm only at the most about 3km or so away from it. I've seen a helicopter and some random cars and bikes going across but not much else.

The road is open between 3pm-6pm And 12am-6am. I didn't much fancy cycling at 4am so I'm going to stay at this campsite till tomorrow afternoon and hopefully cycle across (I'll keep my eye out for Daniel Craig).

It means it'll be a shorter ride tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to that and I'll still only be about 2 days away from Allesund where I think I'll take a rest day.

My view of the Atlantic way

The Atlantic way