Well technically I got to Tromsø yesterday at about half 5. I ended up getting the coach the whole way as it was a coach ride and 2 ferries and only cut out 30 or so km.

I'm staying at the Tromsø activities hostel for 2 nights before heading on, yesterday I went to burger king for tea as I was starving and needed some hot food, then I went for a walk around the harbour for a bit. It's a really lovely place, lots of fancy ships and apartments.

The harbour

Today I went out to the Tromsø museum which had a nice park aswell. I'm just back at the hostel now for lunch before I decide what to go off and do for the rest of the day. I'm thinking of going out for food again, I don't think it's in the budget but places like this are few and far between.

falling snow!

view from the park

My next leg of the journey takes me out to the Lofoten islands where I'll have to catch a lot of ferries. I'm debating if I should cut some of the north journey a bit short so I can spend some more time down south enjoying some city's and warmth, the only issue is if I get the train from Bodo the next stop is Trondheim so it cuts out about 800km. Then I could cycle from Bergen to Stavanger, so about 300km and do some detours down south. I think I'll wait and see how Lofoten is and decide then.

Does it still count if I do the distance but not the whole country?