Ferries and tunnels

I left Tromsø yesterday morning, and I had quite a nice ride once I got out of the city through lots of farmland and fields. Ended up at the ferry about an hour before it left but there was nowhere to wait so it was quite cold.

We ended up getting to the island at around 6pm so I set off looking for somewhere to sleep, before I knew it is done 10km and had started climbing into marshy bog land. I ended up setting up camp on some gravel by the side of the road, not my best night but I was so tired I slept okay.

Today I woke up at 9 and knew I didn't have to be at the next ferry in Gryllefjord until about 6pm, I tried to stay in bed and read for a bit but it wasn't too comfortable on the gravel. So I set off around 10, the ride was okay, not too challenging but quite cold to begin with (it's due to snow tomorrow where I camped).

So now I'm at Gryllefjord with 4 hours to relax before the ferry. It's nice and warm and sunny here now and there's a cafe and shop so I should be okay. I don't expect I'll be cycling much when I get there as I think it will be about 9pm, I just hope I can find a campsite quickly.

A nice waterfall I cycled past

The north sea!

They had these at most of the tunnels today to warn drivers, first time I've seen them, there was a couple of tunnels you could borrow a hivis for aswell! cyclist tunnel button

some nice scenery

I cycled that!

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