Bloomin hot

I spent the last 2 days exploring around Copenhagen, I cycled quite a bit of it just looking around. I went to the botanical gardens and they had an entire section dedicated to all the plants needed for beer, and even for flavouring it.

beer garden

I went out for some drinks and to see some music in Christiania on Sunday night which was really fun, it was still warm out at 10 so you could sit out on the dock drinking a beer.

On Monday I went for a long walk around the old city battlements and then found a nice park to lie in a read, I needed a good few hours to relax since I've been moving non stop for so long. I had a quiet evening and went to bed pretty early to be ready to head out cycling again today!

I was on a semi main road for the whole 70km today but it's not too bad, it is very straight and a bit boring though.

straight road

There's a bit of a bike lane and I've only got another 80km tomorrow then I'll stay in another campsite before getting the ferry to Germany on Thursday morning!

It's pretty warm out here it's half 6 and still 23 degrees, and it's only meant to get hotter from here, I think Amsterdam was about 34 degrees today.


I'll need to start getting up super early and finishing my ride by 3 or 4 to avoid some of the heat or something, or I'll end up melting in the saddle. Still, it's nice and there's some breeze to keep me a little cool.

I'll have spent about a weeks or so in Denmark by the time I leave and I've enjoyed it here. The flatness, cheap beer, and Copenhagen are the main reasons I think. It looks like I'll only be going about another 20 or so days (if I don't run out of money, or start getting some trains and busses when I get lazy (as usual)) before heading back to England. I'm looking forward to being home and having a proper bed, I'm looking forward to the rest of the trip aswell though!