I think it's safe to say I'm a little bit upset about how Lofoten went, after the ~30 or so hours of rain yesterday there was a brief break this morning, before another 24 hours or so is forecast to start this afternoon. There's also some yellow warnings about ice on the road and snow showers high up!

I wish I could have cycled more of it, but with a soaking tent temperatures getting worse I just felt like I couldn't, I was still 125km away from Moskenes (and the ferry). And that was two days of cycling through rain and Possibly icey roads.

And to think only a couple days before the forecast said lovely weather until Friday!

I'm on the express boat to Bodø, it left at 6 and takes about 3 and a half hours. It's pretty quick and luckily has more of a speedboats up and down motion than a ferrys side to side one. Hopefully means I won't get as seasick.

I'm in Bodø in a hostel for two nights and then I get the night train to Trondheim, I'll be staying in Trondheim for a night or two before going on to Bergen. I think it'll be nice to get cycling again, it's warmer and not as bad a forecast. And it's my longest stretch yet, 800km.

Im in Bodø! It seems like an interesting place, it must be near an air force base because there a fighter jet just flying around over the city randomly and no one seems to care. I've also found that the largest park in the city is a frisbee golf course???

The ferry was okay actually, not too bumpy but I saved my breakfast till after I got off just in case. I put my bags in a storage locker at the train station as I can't go to the hostel till 3 so I guess now I'll just walk around and explore