The night train

I'm on the train! It feels a bit weird to think I'll be on it for the next 11 hours or so. I'm half tempted to try and stay up the entire time to enjoy the scenery, but I know I should sleep as much as I can really.

Today was quite nice wandering around Bodø, I spent most of the morning trying to find rain proof cycling gear but nowhere seemed to have any overshoes, I'll have a look again in Trondheim. I did get some rain proof trousers though! In fetching bright orange and grey patches but atleast they'll keep me dry, and surprising warm. I spent some more of the day exploring, and went to the Salmon centre! It was all about how salmon is the most sustainable food and how great the industry was. And weirdly in the shop it had all sorts of things made from salmon skin like this fetching tie.

a salmon tie

Unfortunately most of the stuff there was £60-100 and I can't carry much more weight but I did get a salmon skim wallet, how could I not get atleast something.

Other than that I didn't do much but as one person I met at the hostel said “there's not much to do in Bodø”.

Im looking forward to Trondheim apparently there's loads to do and a really nice old town, the hostel I've booked looks alright aswell.

Some pictures from Bodø

nice views

nice views.2

Nice views.3

Don't think you'd catch many bag guys in this

police car

On the train, I can't get away from the place!